The Executives Association of Tulare County brings together business leaders to network, exchange leads and share success.

Networking Rocks!

“EATC gives me a chance to share ideas and learn from people I respect.”
“I find that EATC members understand my business issues better than any other group.”
“EATC gave me more leads last quarter than any other advertising investment.”
“Every member is marketing my business every day.”

Membership Payoff

Each member business is the exclusive representative of their business category. Members give each other specific, well-developed leads on business opportunities. When leads originate from a trusted and familiar source, these introductions build business relationships more effectively.

How EATC Works

The Executives Association of Tulare County meets on Wednesday mornings at the Visalia Country Club. Meetings begin with an informal networking opportunity. Members then enjoy a delicious breakfast, a speaker and exchange business leads. Meetings are fast-paced, high-energy and fun.